18 May 2009

Giveaway Lagi

This time by Cik Tika
Sempena launching T.I.C.A on 25th May nnti..
Sesiapa yg bermiant utk menag bleh ke blog Cik Tika..
Yg nk bershopping plak bleh ke kedai T.I.C.A. nnti yer..
Ada syarat yg perlu dipenuhi seblom dapat Roses Bag yg cantik ni tau..
(kita copy paste jer dr blog Cik Tika)
To enter this giveaway, you must:-
Be a follower to this blog and my craft store blog (hehe)
- Give as many comment on this giveaway entry.
- Make a post in your blog about this giveaway together with this blog link
- Put this blog and my craft store link in your blog archive.
this giveaway will end on 24th May 2009 at 11p.m.
winner will be chosen based on the highest number of comment...
1) the bag + 3 (1/4 meter) felts (yellow, orange, red) + 3 keychain
2) 2 (1/4 meter) felts (pink, light purple) + 2 keychain
good luck friends!

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tika said...

aliff aqill, sile tgk blog tika :-)


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